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Laundry Bags & Cutlery Pouches


Drawstring pouch design was the very first on our product listing when we started PauSe for Love!

We love the versatility of how it can be used – be it for children or adult. This a design widely used by our customers – laundry bag for the children at childcare centres.

Here is a long overdue gifts for a lovely friend’s twins – drawstring laundry bags and zipped cutlery pouches.

Hope the children likes it, HZ!

Laundry Bag for the little ones

Our very first launched item when we started PauSe for Love – Drawstring Pouch!

A ribbon or a patterned fabric on our base fabric of either the canvas or the denim, it is also available in 3 different sizes.

Add a waterproof linen – just liked Mummy KL – to create this large laundry drawstring pouch for her little one in school.










希望大家也能在我们接下来即将推出的日系儿童包包款式里,看到我们的用心 。那是我们精心为孩子们挑选及设计的。


Rocket ribbon design for the BOYS!

Rocket ribbon design for the BOYS!



Merry Christmas to YOU!

The most enjoyable part of Christmas for me in these recent years was seeing the glow in every children in the family when they opened their Christmas presents!

I have started my first round of Christmas shopping! How about you?

As every piece is hand sewn from scratch, do send us your order prior 18 December if you would like a personalized gift for your family & friends!

HAPPY SHOPPING & Merry Christmas to YOU!


Sewing with perfectionist …

It has been 1.5 months into our sewing journey and we are really pleased with the smooth startup. :)

What could be more motivating than receiving compliments for what we do. I guess it is because we are both perfectionists ……

Yes! We have surprised customers with a double layered drawstring pouch at the price of S$10 for canvas base / S$13 for denim base.

We’d love to keep the “WOW” going!


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