PauSe for YOUR LOVE ……

When was the last time we have taken a moment to pause for love – the love for our family, partners, children & friends; our dream & passion; and our community?

It has been clear for my family that I will be a stay-at-home mother (SAHM) once my little darling (Ayden) enters primary one.

For me, it came much earlier than planned……..

I did not have my wake-up call until  Ayden came to me one morning.

Ayden: “Mummy, I think I am not feeling well. I think you really should bring me to the doctor.”

Mummy: “Mmh….. Yes I will. But….. I can’t do it now. Can you wait for me? Mummy gonna rush to the office to settle some stuff and I will come back for you later, ok?”

I left him with the helper and drove to work thinking what a “bad” mother I am.

“Is work more important than my dearest son? But I really need to settle the work first.”  I hated that feeling truly.

As soon as I reached the office, I can’t help breaking down in tears. I have never felt so bad before.

He – a 5 years old boy, has taught me to pause for love – something I should do but I did not remember. :)

When we still have the chance to pause for love, LET’S DO IT!!!

Our Mission

Our Mission

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